5 Signs You Need A New Toilet

By | August 19, 2017

A toilet is a necessity in any household, therefore, it is important that it functions properly. There are several ways you can know if your toilet is starting to deteriorate and that it is time to replace it. If you have any questions concerning your toilet, it is important to contact a plumber to inspect it.

The toilet clogs or overflows

Sometimes if hygiene products are flushed or too much toilet paper is used, a toilet can clog and overflow. This can result in a terrible mess to clean up or even damage if water overflows onto the floor. You only want to be alarmed if you are experiencing frequent stoppages while flushing a few times a week because this is abnormal and you can only use a plunger for so long. Eventually, you may need to replace your existing toilet or have your plumbing inspected, as recurring clogging and overflowing is not an issue you or your house guests want to constantly experience with every flush.

Persistent running

There are two main reasons for persistent running in toilets: damaged flapper or the floater in the water tank. Usually these two can be fixed but if the problem continues then you will have to invest in a new toilet. This is not an issue you want to ignore because a running toilet uses up a lot of water that can, in turn, cause a rise in your water bill. On average, a running toilet uses up to a gallon of water in thirty seconds creating a huge waste and unnecessary cost for you in the long run.

Feeble flush or zero flush

If your toilet flushes incompletely or not at all, you may need to purchase a new one. A toilet should not require multiple flushes to clear away matter nor should it produce no flush at all. Sometimes as toilets age grime can develop that becomes impossible to clean off and can play a role in your toilet not flushing well or not flushing at all.


A leaky toilet is not something to overlook because it could lead to damaged floor if it leaks bad enough. Usually the cause of a leak is a crack in the toilet itself. Small cracks in the porcelain can grow over time and become a source of a leak. It is a good idea to check your toilet when cleaning it to ensure that it has no hairline cracks. However, if you do notice any cracks in it, it may be time to replace your toilet.

Scuffs or scratches

A well-used toilet can develop marks that make it look unattractive and aged. Instead of excessively scrubbing your toilet in an attempt to remove any irremovable stains or scratches, it may be the perfect time and worth the money to buy a new one. A new toilet can last fifteen years if properly maintained.

A good toilet is a staple in every household and it must work properly to get the job done. Make sure you frequently check your toilet or keep an ear out for any odd noises coming from it or if you notice its flush is deteriorating, and always be sure to call a plumber if you have any questions regarding your plumbing.

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