How to know if your septic tank needs pumping

By | March 7, 2018

man pumping septic tank

Septic tank service should be done on a regular basis to avoid unhygienic conditions that might expose your family to danger. Septic tanks should not be overloaded, and preventative measure should be put in place to reduce damage to the tanks and the whole sewer system.

The following tips will help you know when your tank requires being pumped.

Know the Size of Your Septic Tank

Establish the size of your septic tank and the number of people it is serving to calculate how long it will take to fill. The calculation will give a precise estimation of how long it will take before pumping can be required.

Conduct Checks

Most septic tanks are designed such that you can visually check to see the volume of their content. Ensure regular visual checks to avoid accumulation of solid waste. As a rule, solid waste should not occupy more than 30% of the septic tank. Septic tanks can also be fitted with intelligent performance surveillance technology that gives warning when critical levels are reached. Conducting the above measures will help you avoid the last minute rush when the septic tank is already full and urgently requiring septic tank pumping.

Sewer Back-Flows

When the full capacity of your septic tank has been reached, sewer will start flowing in the backward direction. Drains on the lowest position in your house will first be affected. You should look for prior warning signs of a full septic tank such as slow drains before the situation reaches back-flow since it is quite unhygienic.

Water Collecting

Your lawn will have water collecting around the septic systems drain field even when there has not been substantial rain. Accumulation of solid wastes clogs the piping system forcing sewer water to escape on the surface.


Septic tanks contain living organisms that use oxygen to break down waste. When full, the microorganisms suffer from lack of oxygen to enable them to multiply and continue the breakdown process. At this moment the septic tank will start emitting foul smell since the aerobic reaction is not taking place.

Slow Drains

When your drains start experiencing a reduced speed in the evacuation of wastewater at multiple locations, it should act as a precursor that the septic tank is full.

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